I was charged 300$ for car hire insurance I didn’t need

I am a regular purchaser with Easirent and lately paid £119.54 to hire a vehicle from Manchester airport. When I arrived to gather it, I turned into informed that, as I had hired automobiles for more than ninety days the previous year, I had to take out excess insurance costing £231, even though I had annual cover with insurance4carhire.

When I requested to see proof of my rental records the clerk advised me he couldn’t show me, so I had no instantaneous alternative but to pay up.

On my go back, I checked my data for the preceding 12 months and found I hadn’t employed for more than ninety days for the duration of this era.

I asked for a reimbursement of the £231, and, despite the fact that Easirent’s respond recounted it had made a mistake, it refused. I escalated my criticism to the nearby supervisor but have heard not anything. Now it suggests as “case closed” online. DS Kilwinning, North Ayrshire

Easirent’s common sense could be comedian if it didn’t come at such a excessive cost.

In his reaction in your complaint, the depot supervisor showed that you had not employed for greater than ninety days final 12 months in spite of everything, but that given that your contemporary car hire had already came about it might now not go back the wrongly charged premium.

It gets worse. When I contacted the press office, Easirent located compulsory extra insurance shouldn’t were charged, even if you had hired for more than ninety days. “It appears, on this occasion, the member of body of workers has misinterpreted the coverage,” it says.

“Easirent is a short-term vehicle condominium employer, so restricts the number of days a customer can lease in a 12-month length. This has nothing to do with a consumer taking any additional coverage.”

Not that it might have refunded you the top class in case you had no longer became to the media.

You’ve now acquired £231 – an extra token could have been satisfactory to acknowledge the trouble – and an assurance that group of workers in Manchester will get hold of “extra training with instant effect”.

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